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Corporate Governance

Corporate governance structure


Function of Each Division


Committees and Membership

Audit Committee


Remuneration Committee


Independent Directors' Communication with Internal Auditor and CPA


Corporate Governance Officer

Appointment of Corporate Governance Officer


Corporate governance affairs execution and continuing education of Corporate Governance Officer


Board Membership


Performance Evaluation of the Board of Directors Performance Evaluation of the Board of Directors result


Diversification Policy and Implementation of the Board of Directors


Major Resolutions of Board Meetings


Corporate Governance Policies

Articles of Incorporation File
Articles of Incorporation File +
Shareholders meeting/Board of directors/Functional committees regulations File
Rules of Procedure for Shareholders Meeting File +
Rules of Procedure for Board of Directors Meetings File +
Bylaws of Audit Committee File +
Organizational Regulations of the Remuneration Committee File +
The Rules for Election of Directors File +
Duties and responsibilities for independent directors File +
The Rules for performance evaluation of Boards File +
Financial regulations File
Procedures for Acquisition or Disposal of Assets File +
Procedures of derivative product transactions File +
Procedures for Endorsements and Guarantees File +
Procedures for Lending Funds to Other Parties File +
Other important internal regulations and disclosure matters File
Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles File +
Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles File +
Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct File +
Corporate Social Responsibility Best Practice Principles File +
Code of Ethical Conduct File +
Operational Procedures for Handling Material Inside Information and Preventing Insider Trading File +
The Main Shareholders File +

Internal Audit

Operations of Internal Audit Division

(1) The Auditing Office shall determine the audit items based on risk assessment results, and prepare annual audit plans. Each annual audit plan shall specify the items to be audited on a monthly and quarterly basis, so as to establish the basis for implementing project (case) auditing.


(2) Internal auditors shall fully communicate the audit findings associated with the annual audit items to the audited entity. Any internal control deficiencies and anomalies found during the audit process, including the findings made by the competent authorities, findings from internal control operations, statements on internal control system, and various deficiencies identified in self-assessments and CPA review shall be disclosed in audit reports and tracked after such reports have been approved. Tracking reports shall be prepared at least on a quarterly basis until improvements have been made, so as to ensure that the relevant divisions have taken proper improvement measures in a timely manner.


(3) Auditors shall review self-examination reports on the internal control systems of each division and subsidiary, and combine such review with the internal control deficiencies and anomalies identified by the Internal Audit Division to establish the main basis for assessing the effectiveness of the overall internal control system and issuing statements on internal control system.

(4) In the event that major violations are found or when concerns of material Company losses arise, internal auditors shall immediately prepare and submit a report for approval, and notify the independent directors.